Jonathan Giles

for Executive Officer

Enough is enough!

The last two years have been intolerable for teachers. Our working conditions have degraded rapidly since this pandemic began. As a Regional Organizer and former Steward, I hear over and over again that members are feeling abandoned, and that we’ve been left to navigate the worst parts of this pandemic alone.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Let’s restore our profession and our union power!

There is a way forward. As an Executive Officer, I will push locally and provincially to:

  • Ensure “No Hybrid” becomes part of our collective agreement
  • Deal with the root causes of our missed preparation time
  • Push for pay raises commensurate with inflation

I’ve been a committee chair, trained as an organizer, and mobilized during strike actions as a member of our political action committee. As an executive member of another union, I helped mobilize 2,500 members to defeat Wynne’s net-zero wage increases through organizing and solidarity, securing a raise for our members.

Most of all, this executive needs the voices of teachers who know what it’s like to teach through this pandemic. We know what’s at stake.

Vote for Jonathan Giles for Executive Officer.

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