Laura McCoy

for Executive Officer

I am fighting for a strong, well-funded public education system with the best learning conditions for students, and the best working conditions for teachers.

Years of cuts have resulted in large classes, diminished supports, violent incidents, and crumbling schools. The pandemic has further eroded our working conditions and left so many of us stressed and anxious
every single day.

It doesn’t need to be this way.

We, the Elementary Teachers of Toronto, must come together, organized and united, to fight for public education. We have taught through a pandemic and now must rise to the challenge of building up our education system together.

Over 20 years of classroom teaching and union involvement gives me the knowledge and experience to serve members of ETT with compassion, strength and integrity. Our classroom experiences must be front and centre at the union table as we move forward. As a founding member of the Ontario Education Workers United I have fought for strong, well-funded, safe and equitable public education. I will bring this energy and drive to support our union, amplifying all members’ voices as we move into another bargaining year!

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