Nigel Barriffe

for Vice-President

It’s time to respect teachers. 

With society reopening, we must REbuild a Union that is present and actively supporting our members, both new and experienced, in the important jobs they do every day. We need a union committed to bringing back the supports we need in each school: guidance councillors, social workers, special education workers and psychologists.

As ETT members we have experienced deep frustration and anxiety over the past two years. We made sure the school system worked even when we lacked resources, and cared for our own children while teaching remotely.

While ETT represents every single one of us, it doesn’t always feel that way. When decisions are made without the input of all members, that hurts our collective voice.

We must continue to fight for smaller class sizes and against conditions that offload work onto teachers.

Our union must be active in the political arena, so as to ensure that principles of equity and social justice are at the heart of public education. 

I will: 

  • Coordinate effective public relations campaigns that foster parent/community support
  • Continue to strongly advocate for you 
  • Increase public awareness of challenges in the classroom

Vote Nigel Barriffe for ETT Vice-President.

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