Our Values

Building Union Power members are committed to creating the kind of fighting union you need to take on the issues you care so deeply about, and win the changes you want and need in your schools.  

No ETT member should have to struggle in isolation.

When Teachers unite and pool resources and power, you and your co-workers have the strength to challenge what you don’t want, and create what you do, school by school, and local wide.

It’s about prioritizing the methods that break down the isolation, truly build your collective power, and create the structures, supports, knowledge, skills and confidence you need to make this a reality.

To make this happen, Building Union Power commits to:

  1. Talking with every ETT member - you and your co-workers are “the union”; knowing each other and your issues lays the groundwork for school and local-wide actions to get concrete results.
  2. Organizing to take on the key issues you identify like unacceptably large class sizes, a lack of response on health and safety issues, bullying Administrators, diminishing resources for our most vulnerable students, school discipline concerns, and a lack of meaningful input into the decisions that impact your school communities and yourselves.
  3. Building the strong structures in each of your schools and local-wide to take effective, direct action, change power dynamics, and ensure the victories you win are protected.
  4. Prioritizing the crucial relationship building you’ve begun with parents and community groups. A broad alliance creates the on-going power you need to fight for strong schools, strong communities, and a government that is truly responsive to the needs of all.  
  5. Modernizing and revitalizing your union, using the tried and true organizing methods that Teacher Unions across North America, from British Columbia to Los Angeles to Chicago have used with such incredible success.

Let’s Build Union Power Together to Win the Schools You and our Students Deserve!

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